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Kindergarten "ALTYN UYA"

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+7 (72831) 5-61-08

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Kindergarten "Altyn-UYa" is located at the address: Zharkent, Zhana Kurylys street, 1, №19.


The kindergarten building consists of two floors. There is a private heating system, water supply and Sewerage. Dining room, Laundry and storage for household materials are located outside the main building of the kindergarten.


A total of 18 teachers work in the kindergarten. Work in the methodical study was carried out according to the plan. Is the development of process maps predict future educational activities, making the rules of the contest, the preparation of materials for the pedagogical councils, the definition of high quality teachers in General,the creation of a baseline training plan,schedule etc. b NMR.similar types of work performed in a timely manner. Types of work on the protection of children's health were carried out in accordance with the plan for seasonal consultations,sports events,health Days.On health – improving work morning exercises,physical training, tempering actions are carried out.


Working time from 08.00 o'clock till 18.00 o'clock. The kindergarten is based on a 5-day work system. The kindergarten works in the state language. Design capacity: 280 seats.



Our site is gathered from ecological materials with no sharp corners, and walks are under the supervision of caregivers


We use eco-friendly and safe furniture that facilitates any impacts of children


All playgrounds are located in a closed area of the private sector. This eliminates the access of unauthorized persons to kindergarten


Our kindergarten closely monitors the safety and condition of each child. Our caregivers are constantly monitored and active


Regular medical staff constantly checks the condition of children.

280 children are brought up in the kindergarten "Altyn UYa". Children of different nationalities are brought up here –Kazakh, Russian, Uighur, Uzbek, Tatar, Belarusian. Children between the ages of two and six. In kindergarten with children various interesting games are held, classes are held in the following areas: communicative, creative, society, health, familiarity with the world. The winners of the competition in each of these festive events took an active part and demonstrated their talents, aspires. Among children it is possible to observe of children-singers, dancers, colors, sculptors.


Children with the help of a teacher dressed, wash, tight, help each other, say the words: "thank you, goodbye, please." Education in the team, the formation of the relationship of children in the team. Thus, the basis of goodwill is laid, the opportunity to show negligence, to treat peers, adults cannot be created.


Cleaning toys in the group of household services, their content, the content of the group clean. For the organization of educational activities need plasticine, blackboard, brush, etc. assistance in the preparation of b Thus, we call our kids to mercy, modesty and care for loved ones.


Made of order after each " Well done guys! What our group or Playground remained fashionable, everything was!"they make sure that the works done by ear are correct. It is very important to be able to work in a team, accuracy, sophistication, compassion, care, feeling.



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